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Fix your profile and become more confident with self-promotion!

A no-nonsense course for learning expert career branding techniques for polished self-promotion. Learn how to write your LinkedIn profile with creative & technical expertise. Market your career brand with leadership storytelling, media monitoring, captivating captions, and InMail correspondence for networking.

What You'll Learn

  • Career Branding In a Nutshell

    A no-nonsense intro class on career branding for professional self-promotion. What makes you stand out?

  • How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile

    An extremely helpful series on HOW to write your LinkedIn profile with creative & technical expertise.

  • How to Promote Yourself with PR

    Learn expert techniques for marketing your career brand with leadership storytelling, sharing media, writing smarter captions, and networking with InMail.

Easy & Quick Lessons

My style is no-nonsense, meaning I'm here to teach you what I know and coach you how to implement your career brand on LinkedIn easily and quickly.

  • Always-on access to the course content

  • Downloadable audio for learning on-the-go

  • Easy PDF worksheets + instructional guidebooks

  • 50% off a 1:1 communications coaching session with me

  • Private career coaching tips from me via Instagram

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Career Branding

  • 2

    Writing Your LinkedIn Profile

    • Welcome to Module 2

    • Putting Together Your Profile

    • Audio Transcript

    • Putting Together Your Profile

    • It's Time to Write your LinkedIn Headline

    • How To Write Your Headline

    • Audio Transcript: How To Write Your Headline

    • It's Time to Write Your 'About' Summary

    • How To Write Your 'About' Summary

    • Writing Your Headline & About Summary

    • Congratulations!

    • 6 LinkedIn Profile Samples

  • 3

    Promoting Yourself with PR

    • Welcome to Module 3

    • Leveraging The True Power of LinkedIn

    • The Power of Leadership Storytelling

    • Video: Yes! You CAN write an article for LinkedIn Publishing

    • Audio: Writing Articles for LinkedIn Publishing

    • Workbook: 6 Steps to Writing a Great Article for LinkedIn Publishing

    • Video: Media Monitoring Is Smart

    • Audio: How to Media Monitor for Supersmart Content

    • Workbook: Media Monitoring for Supersmart Content

    • Video: Why Writing a Catchy Caption is Key

    • Workbook: 4 Easy Tips to Help You Write Catchy LinkedIn Captions

    • Video: Working Your Network

    • InMail Best Practices

  • 4


    • Using LinkedIn to Find Jobs

    • Getting Started With LinkedIn In Your Job Search

    • All About Privacy Settings

    • Setting Up Your Linkedin Account

    • Backing Up Your Data

Meet Your Instructor

Communications Director

Rebecca Perrin

I am a career communications coach, helping professionals become masterful in their career messaging and positioning. I've enjoyed a 15-year career as a marketing communications professional, as a writer and digital editor for some of Canada's leading lifestyle media, like FLARE, Fashion Magazine, CBC Life, Notable, and (RIP). I have a podcast called Women Talk Shop, the only podcast that will "change how you think and talk about work."

Increased confidence on LinkedIn!

Melonie de Guzman

Rebecca is great to work with. The process not only makes you take a deeper look at your own career but for me, it confirmed the way I wanted to position myself in the industry. She took the time to help me put it into words, and now I have the confidence that I have a great presence on LinkedIn.